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Japanese grammar and more! (Episode 3: 1st person pronouns, the “yo” particle, an everyday greeting…)

In the 3rd episode of my new Podcast about learning Japanese, I touch on the following topics: Introduction to first person pronouns Using the particle “yo” Vocabulary words related to drinks or drinking (“coffee”, etc.) Using people’s names in a sentence. A common greeting You can also hear this episode on Spotify here (along with… Read More »

Several usages of “mono”(もの)in Japanese

“Mono” in Japanese (usually written in hiragana as もの, and sometimes in kanji as 物) is a word that has the basic meaning of “thing”, generally in the sense of a physical (often tangible) thing.  店でいいものを買ったよ (mise de ii mono wo katta yo) I bought something good (=a good thing) at the store. However this… Read More »