Portland Japanese Garden 2024: photo album

By | May 3, 2024

I visited the Portland Japanese Garden in April 2024 for the first time in quite awhile, where I was treated to its many beautiful views, further enhanced due to the light drizzle that made the colors that much brighter.

I took a handful of pictures so I thought I would share some of them here in a little photo album.

While there wasn’t any huge changes since our last visit, we did notice that some of the landscaping had been updated (for example the rising entry road, which had a lot more foliage).

The Portland Japanese Gardens is one of the best Japanese-themed gardens I’ve visited in the US, and I highly recommend if for anyone who is a fan of Japanese culture (or just likes gardens).

My only disappointment is that there was no calligraphy-related stuff like brushes or paper in the gift shop (the Buddha Board doesn’t count). There is a nice selection of Japanese stuff there, including knives and landscaping shears.

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