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Japanese grammar and more! (Episode 3: 1st person pronouns, the “yo” particle, an everyday greeting…)

In the 3rd episode of my new Podcast about learning Japanese, I touch on the following topics: Introduction to first person pronouns Using the particle “yo” Vocabulary words related to drinks or drinking (“coffee”, etc.) Using people’s names in a sentence. A common greeting You can also hear this episode on Spotify here (along with… Read More »

Japanese expression: 疲れにくくなる(tsukare nikuku naru)

The Japanese language has a small number of verb tenses, but in place of those are various combinations of words that can be tricky to understand and translate. In this article I’d like to go over the phrase 疲れにくくなる(tsukare nikuku naru) that combines three words to create one idea. First I’d like to review the… Read More »

Japanese grammar spotlight: だって (datte) vs だから (dakara)

In this post I want to focus on two common Japanese words that sound similar but have very different meanings––in fact opposite meanings. These words can have a few different usages, but I will be focusing on the following usage, where だって or だから begins a new sentence. 「sentence A」。だって「sentence B」 「sentence A」。だから「sentence B」 Besides… Read More »