My Translations (Japanese->English)

This page lists various works I have translated from Japanese to English.

NEW: Book Release: “Days and Nights” by Hayashi Fumiko

Published translations:

Downfall and Other Stories by Hayashi Fumiko

Tales of the Disturbed [Volume 1]

Two of Six: A Captain’s Dilemma

Classic Japanese Fairy Tales [Volume 1]: Mimei Ogawa: The Father of Modern Japanese Fairy Tales Kindle Edition

Classic Japanese Fairy Tales [Volume 4]: Mimei Ogawa: The Father of Modern Japanese Fairy Tales Kindle Edition

Science: Hopes & Fears (Volume 1: Selected Stories)

Science: Hopes & Fears (Volume 2: Eighteen O’Clock Music Bath)

The below are all fiction works which I have done unofficial translations for and posted them on this blog.

The below translations are for non-fiction works.

All of the above are unofficial translations and I will not be able to provide the original Japanese text (though I own the books for all of them). I fully support these authors and recommend purchasing the original books if you are interested.

The below translations are official, meaning I have gotten the authors full permission to translate and list the translation on my blog: (the first three below are full translations)

Translations of classic works available on Aozora Bunko:

If you have ideas or suggestions for things to translate please leave a comment on this post. If you would like me to translate more of any of the above works, please leave a comment on the respective post, and/or you can respond to this survey where I ask what I should focus my time on.

If you are interested in hiring me to translate anything, please contact me as selftaughtjapanese (at) Rate will depend on word count and content, and for some works I may be able to translate an initial portion for free as a sample.

If you liked any of my translations and what to see more, please consider purchasing one of my books (listed at the topic of this page) to support me. Thank you!

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