“Japanese grammar and more!” Episode 2

By | October 10, 2023

After getting a good response on Twitter to the first Episode of my new Podcast about learning Japanese grammar, I decided to record and produce the second episode. In this episode, I focus on:

  • Basic Japanese word order
  • Nouns and verbs in Japanese
  • Dictionary tense
  • A few simple vocabulary words
  • Basic introduction to particles (and discussion of “wa” and “o” particles)
  • Introduction of a common phrase you can use in everyday life

My goal is that after this episode, those who have little to no Japanese should be able to start making basic sentences.

I also added the podcast so that it is available on Spotify (after getting a request for this), which you can find here.

I am already planning the 3rd episode that will have a format similar to the 2nd, but I am always open to feedback for things I can change or add to the content.

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