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Anime movie review: One Piece Film Z

While I had watched a few episodes of the One Piece anime many years ago, for whatever reason I stopped watching it. Then when the Netflix live-action series came out a few months ago I watched it immediately and was really impressed––it seemed like one of the best anime to live-action adaptations to date. The… Read More »

Japanese literature review: “The Glimmer of Ink” (墨のゆらめき)By Shion Miura (三浦しをん)

Being busy with various things, I haven’t had a chance to read much paper-media Japanese literature in the last few months. But when I saw “The Glimmer of Ink” (墨のゆらめき)by Shion Miura (三浦しをん)in the Beaverton Kinokuniya bookstore, I decided to take another dive back into the delightful world of Japanese literature. Shion Miura is known… Read More »