Japanese Grammar and More: Episode 14 (The potential tense)

By | May 7, 2024

In episode 14 I go over the potential tense (“to be able to”), including the conjugation for each verb category and a more verbose way to express the same thing. I also talk about the negative potential form, and ask a few questions involving using the potential form to make basic sentences, as well as listening comprehension with simple sentences using that form.

I also go over a casual expression that can be used to ask “really?”, and some related phrases.

You can also hear this episode on Spotify here (along with the previous episodes). 

I’m always open to feedback and requests for things to cover. You can email me at “selftaughtjapanese [at] gmail.com”.

If you are interested in my new podcast about Japanese culture, titled “Japanese: Musings on All Things Japanese”, which covers topics like calligraphy and Aikido, you can check it out on here.

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