Japanese book review: 「調子いい! 」が続く姿勢と呼吸の整え方” (“Correcting your posture and breathing to realize your full potential”) by 藤平信一 (Shin’ichi Tohei)

My review of head of Ki-Aikido Shin’ichi Tohei’s latest book about improving your posture and breathing in order to maximize your potential as a person, including applications to many daily-life areas such as driving, sitting, and even washing dished. This book is strongly related to a NHK special that ran last year on similar topics.

The origin of 幸せ (shiawase), a Japanese word for “happiness”

In Japanese, 嬉しい (ureshii) and 幸せ (shiawase) are two words that express happiness, but they have a very different connotation. “Ureshii” is more about a (potentially short-lived) feeling of pleasure or contentment, as in “You look happy today”, whereas “shiawase” is more about a big-picture (potentially long-term) state of happiness in terms of being fortunate… Read More »

Japanese fairy tale audiobook giveaway

To celebrate the release of Volume 6 of my series of Japanese classic fairy tales this week, I’ve decided to run a little giveaway where I give out 6 free copies of the audiobook of Volume 1 of this series. As I will be using promo codes provided by Audible, you will have to have… Read More »