TransLiterary Lab (#11): live analysis / translation of Japanese literature (“Ningen Hyou” by Edogawa Rampo)

By | February 19, 2020

I’m running a YouTube series called “TransLiterary Lab” (文学翻訳ラボ) where I do analysis and translation of short excerpts of Japanese literature. You can find more information about this series in this post.

In this episode I go over and translate the first few lines of 人間豹 (Ningen Hyou) by 江戸川乱歩 (Edogawa Rampo), for which you can find the full original text here. You can find the previous episode (which should be watched before this one) here.

I’ve been seeing decreased views in the last few videos so am considering taking a break from producing new episodes for a while. But please let me know if you have any comments on this video or the series as a whole.

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4 thoughts on “TransLiterary Lab (#11): live analysis / translation of Japanese literature (“Ningen Hyou” by Edogawa Rampo)

  1. Jim Miles

    I enjoy these videos but I find it hard to come up with the ~30 minutes to watch them every time. The written content is faster to assimilate but it has definitely been cool to watch the videos and see you do a translation “in real-time”.

    1. locksleyu Post author

      Yeah, I think you are right, most people find it hard to make a block of that much time, and it’s less purposeful to watch in smaller chunks.

      Well at least it was fun to pretend I was a “Youtuber” for a little while (:

  2. Chom Chom

    Hi from Vietnam.
    I like your videos so so much. What you were doing with each Japanese sentence in these videos is exactly the same way I am doing with my English reading skill. After years having learned English, I found that active reading (analyzing how the grammars & words of the sentence are put together) is the fastest way to improve my reading skill. Thank you so much for your hard work and wish you good health and the best of success. Hope you’ll come back soon.

    1. locksleyu Post author

      Hello Thanks for the comment!

      I would like to do more of these videos but I haven’t been getting that many videos. I seems a few people really enjoy them, but many people aren’t very interested. We’ll see though.

      In the meantime, you can check out this video which is a live experiment I did:


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