Bilingual Japanese books at available now for free

By | April 3, 2018

(Update: As Reajer has shut down, I have disabled the links in this article, but I will leave the rest of the article for the time being for historical reasons.)

In October 2016, I reviewed the site which produces bilingual Japanese/English E-books with detailed explanations, across a wide range of levels from beginner to advanced.

It turns out that the maintainer of the site and creator of these books (Dan) has decided to make nearly all of these E-books free for the public, without requiring even a membership or logon of any sort.

These are a wonderful resource to Japanese students of any level, and even those looking to get into translation, so I highly recommend checking out the site. While I think Dan does not plan to take them down anytime soon, as he is not making any profit from them any more I don’t expect this site to stay up forever (though if he can manage that, great).

The site is pretty easy to navigate, just start on the main page and select Easy, Regular, Challenge, or Poetry. On each page are a bunch of works with descriptions, and a link that says “> Go to text”. For example, this is the page for an excerpt of Kokoro, a famous work by Natsume Soseki.

Dan has advertised these materials being made free on his mailing list, but has not yet released this information by any other means, so I offered to make a post to tell my readers about it. (Although I share this information with mixed feelings, since I was actually considering trying making my own bilingual readers someday…)

I’d like to give a great big thanks to Dan for helping the Japanese learner community, and also wish him best of luck in any future endeavors he takes on!

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3 thoughts on “Bilingual Japanese books at available now for free

  1. voice of truth

    Thanks for the heads up. I archived all of em . Quite happy overall.

  2. trung

    It seems that he has taken the page down. Could you send me some of his translations via email? 🙁

    1. locksleyu Post author

      Unfortunately I don’t have copies of them, but voice of truth says he did in a previous comment.

      Voice of truth, can you share a link with the files for us?


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