Promising Translators 2018 (Japanese Translation Contest): only one week left!

By | April 2, 2018

A few weeks ago I announced “Promising Translators 2018”, Self Taught Japanese’s first ever translation contest, a Japanese to English fiction translation contest targeting amateur translators. The winner will receive a monetary prize, and there be other prizes given as well.

This post is a reminder for those who are interested since there is only one week left before the deadline. Because the submission length is only 2-5 pages, you still have time to start searching for something to translate as well as for the translation itself.

Please see this post for more information about the contest. There is no entry fee, so I suggest everyone to participate, even those with minimal translation experience. While giving commentary is not formally part of the contest, if you request feedback about your translation in your submission email I will probably be able to give you at least a little high-level feedback.

If you are planning to participate, please consider sending a pre-registration email to “selftaughtjapanese.contests [at]” so I can send you an email reminder as the final submission date approaches. You don’t need to declare what you are translating until your actual submission. Also, you can follow me on Twitter at @selftaughtjapan where I will give a few more reminders.

Looking forward to reading everyone’s translations!

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