Interesting in buying a bunch of Keigo Higashino(東野 圭吾)novels?

By | May 5, 2016

While trying to organize things around the house lately, I found a bunch of novels from the famous author Keigo Higashino, known for his “Galileo” series of novels which was made into a movie, as well as many others (like 白夜行)

I have around 49 novels from this great author which I’m looking to sell in bulk, as doing so one-by-one would just take too much time, including all the shipping and such. You can see two photographs below which contain all the books I’m trying to sell as a unit. Nearly all of them are in very good condition.

I’d like to sell these for $250, which is about $5 a book–quite a deal since some of these can typically go for as much as double that in Japan, plus buying them anywhere in America would incur a pretty big shipping charge. I will be paying the shipping charge in this case, though I’d like to only sell to people in the US since I don’t know how much shipping would be outside the US. (If you really want these and you are out of the US, let me know and I still may consider selling them).

The Japanese in these is generally somewhat advanced, so I’d say you need to have studied Japanese for a few years and especially have a good grasp of Kanji in order to enjoy them. But for semi-fluent to fluent speakers, they should all provide an enjoyable experience.

Be aware they are Bunko books, so the font is a bit smaller than what you would see in a larger paperback.

Anyone interested please leave me a comment, or even better, email me at selftaughtjapanese (at)

I may eventually try to sell these on EBay if I can’t get any traction here, but I wanted to give my readers first dibs (:

Also, if you only want to buy a subset of these books, let me know and I may consider it, but the price per book will be higher.




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