Followup on Japanese podcast about gaming (with a message from them)

By | October 20, 2015

Yesterday I had put up a review of the podcast 「ゲームモゴモゴ」 here, and I had sent a Tweet to the authors of the podcast on Twitter.

Within 24 hours they had sent me a private message on Twitter, thanking me for the review as well as providing a clarification on their name. I’ll give the full body of the response here, in original Japanese, plus a English translation done by yours truly.


Thanks for the review, we really enjoying reading it! By the way, “mogo mogo” in Japanese isn’t the sound of eating (that is “mogu mogu”). Rather, it is sound of someone who isn’t good at speaking and mumbles. I am not a pro DJ so I’m bad at speaking. However, when it comes to talking about games I want to do my best. So that is why the name of our Podcast is “geemu mogo mogo” – a title which carries the meaning “I suck at speaking but will do my best to talk about games”.


This just goes to show you that there is always a risk to relying on dictionaries, which is where it said that “mogo mogo” had the same meanings as “mogu mogu”.

I haven’t written him back yet, but I assume this message was written by Mr. Takanabe who is the game designer that is one of the 4 members of this podcast.

Anyway, this podcast really is awesome, and since it’s members seem to be friendly now you have another reason to check it out! Here is the link for their webpage, which has a button to register the podcast into iTunes (it says 登録 on it, and is slightly below the main title, near the right side of the screen).



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