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Japanese grammar and more! (Episode 3: 1st person pronouns, the “yo” particle, an everyday greeting…)

In the 3rd episode of my new Podcast about learning Japanese, I touch on the following topics: Introduction to first person pronouns Using the particle “yo” Vocabulary words related to drinks or drinking (“coffee”, etc.) Using people’s names in a sentence. A common greeting You can also hear this episode on Spotify here (along with… Read More »

Self Taught Japanese’s first voice interview (with John Sensei of Manga Sensei)

The other day, John Sensei of Manga Sensei contacted me and invited me to do an interview for his podcast. At first I hesitated, feeling a little nervous since this was the first time I would be giving a voice interview, not to mention that part of it would be in Japanese. But in the… Read More »

Self Taught Japanese Podcast: 8 recordings in 8 days

A little over a week ago, I decided to start a companion Podcast for this blog, covering many of the same topics: studying Japanese on your own, anime reviews, etc. I managed to record eight episodes in eight days, though it was a bit challenge since recording plus editing took roughly between 45 minutes and… Read More »