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By | November 14, 2023

I always like to try and connect my hobbies with Japanese, and lately I have been into the popular game Starfield. Besides playing the game, I’ve been listening to a bunch of reviews in both English and Japanese. By the way, Starfield has been said to have a very high quality Japanese localization (including voice acting), so this game is a good way to practice your Japanese ability.

To help those either wanting to play the game or just learn about it in Japanese I’ve provided a list of words related to Starfield or the critique of Starfield.

Note: In most cases I have just given the noun form, but in some of these cases you can add “suru” to make it a verb (like the first word).

進出 [shinshutsu]: an advance (into the universe, etc.)

神ゲー [kami gee]: a superb game (comes from 神ゲーム, “God game”)

凡ゲー [bon gee]: a mediocre or commonplace game (平凡 means “commonplace”)

星図 [seizu]: map of stars

惑星 [seiza]: (astronomical) star (also 星 [hoshi])

宇宙船 [uchuusen]: spaceship (also 船 [fune], “ship”, can be used to refer to a spaceship)

自動生成 [jidou seisei]: procedural generation (using algorithms to generate content such as planet geography and other elements that would normally have been created manually by human hands)

新作: [shinsaku] a new work (game, etc.)

ボリューム感 [boryuumu kan]: a sense of volume

採掘員 [saikutsu in]: miner

集団 [shuudan]: a group of people (may be organized)

襲撃 [shuugeki]: attack

探検家 [tankenka]: an explorer

依頼 [irai]: request (for work, etc.)

勢力 [seiryoku]: (political) faction

資源 [shigen]: resource

戦闘 [sentou]: battle

組織 [soshiki]: an organization

廃墟 [haikyo]: ruins

技術 [gijutsu]: technology

要素 [youso]: an element (of a story, etc.)

敵 [teki]: enemy

体験 [taiken]: experience

開発 [kaihatsu]: development (of a game, weapon, etc.)

発想力 [souryouryoku]: imagination

選択肢 [sentakushi]: a choice

拠点 [kyoten]: base (of operations)

運営 [un’ei]: management

永遠 [eien]: eternity

装備 [soubi]: equipment

地域 [chiiki]: region

評価 [hyouka]: rating (of a game, etc.)

基準 [kijun]: standard (of quality, etc.)

洞窟 [doukutsu]: cave

海賊 [kaizoku]: pirate

謎 [nazo]: mystery, something unknown

星系 [seikei]: star system

艦隊 [kantai]: a fleet (of ships)

武器 [buki]: weapon

自由度 [jiyuudo]: degree of freedom

人類 [jinrui]: the human race

拡大 [kakudai]: expansion

舞台 [butai]: stage, or where a story is set

正体 [shoutai]: the true form of something

伝説 [densetsu]: legend

背景 [haikei]: background

会話 [kaiwa]: conversation

仲間 [nakama]: companion

仕様 [shiyou]: design, specification

クエスト [kuesuto]: quest

遭遇 [souguu]: to meet, to come across

移動 [idou]: movement

レーザー [reezaa]: laser

着陸 [chakuriku]: to land (a ship, etc.)

衛星 [eisei]: satellite

環境 [kankyou]: environment

研究 [kenkyuu]: research

発売 [hatsubai]: sell (a game, etc.)

完成度 [kanseido]: degree of completion

物語 [monogatari]: story

爆発 [bakuhatsu]: explosion

経験値 [keikenchi]: experience points

盗む[nusumu]: to steal

バッグ [baggu]: bug (as in problem in a game, etc.)

購入 [kounyuu]: purchase

The real question is whether Starfield a 神ゲー (kami gee) or 凡ゲー (bon gee). What do you think?

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