Japanese educational book release: “Kantan! Read Japanese stories like a native (Volume 1)”

By | June 6, 2023

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In the last few years, at Arigatai Books we have translated and published around 20 books of Japanese literature, a portion of which have the text listed in parallel Japanese / English. We’ve also published two books on learning Japanese (one on particles, the other on learning foreign languages in general). 

For some time now I had the idea in my head to produce a book that does more than simply list parallel English / Japanese text, but also helps readers actually understand the text. Today I’m happy to announce that we are releasing a book that does this very thing: “Kantan! Read Japanese stories like a native (Volume 1)”.

This book showcases a classic Japanese fairy tale by Mimei Ogawa, “Paradise Island”, and gives readings and explanations of nearly every word and expression in the text. It also includes three quick guides to help beginning/intermediate students: one on word order, one on verb tenses, and one on particles. Each of these guides uses examples pulled from the story’s text itself.

My goal is that any beginner or intermediate student of Japanese should be able to pick this up and practice reading a real piece of Japanese literature, referring to the guides and explanations as needed to help in comprehension and enjoyment.

The book is available on Amazon for a limited-time low price of $0.99 USD (or equivalent). You can jump to it on Amazon using this link.

(Thanks to Jim Miles of Annotranslate for help proofreading the stories.)

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