Manga Review: 「スライム ライフ」(“Slime Life”) by メガサワラ (Megasawara) [Issue 1]

By | December 16, 2021

These days I generally don’t put aside that much time for reading manga, but I came across this interesting-looking manga called “Slime Life” by Megasawara so I decided on reading a few pages. I got hooked and ended up finishing it that same day.

“Slime Life” is a story about a black sorceress named Daruru who requests an employee from the “Magic Creature Dispatch Company”, and against all her expectations she ends up receiving a Slime, the lowest of all monsters. 

At first, Daruru plans to immediately return the slime, but she soon discovers unexpected attractions and merits of the creature, and before you know it she even begins teaching the slime some special skills.

I only read the first issue so far, but besides the interesting premise I also enjoyed how the fonts used are generally larger than most manga (which can be hard for me to read with my aging eyes). Also, all of the kanji have furigana reading hints which makes this a really good manga for learners of Japanese. Come to think of it, I believe this series is targeted at middle schoolers. (After reading this I had trouble reading the small characters on another manga and was able to appreciate larger fonts even more!)

A potential drawback of “Slime Life” is the relatively simple backgrounds, but I think the illustration style serves the purpose well enough of getting the story across.

Although the first issue is clearly just setting things up, and there is little in terms of huge developments or action, I decided to order the second issue to see where things lead.

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