Ebook release: “Fast Forward Japan” (classic SF by Unno Juza)

By | August 9, 2021

Unno Juza (海野十三) [1897 – 1949] is considered to be a founding father of Japanese science fiction. This author holds special significance for me since several of my first ebooks were of his stories, which were great fun not only to read but to translate. Of all the stories, the novella “Eighteen O’ Clock Music Bath” was the most memorable because I’m a big fan of dystopian stories (this appears to be the earliest dystopian story of Japanese origin). 

Earlier this year I decided to compile the three ebooks that I had released over the last few years into a single paperback book, which you can find more information about here. Before the rerelease I went over all the stories again several times, making many changes for consistency and cleaned up a few errors. Because of all the changes, I decided to remove the three ebooks from Amazon.

Now that the paperback has been out for a little while I decided to make a new ebook which contains the same stories, which you can find here. This is the first time I have released an ebook/paperback pair with the same content, and I am hoping to eventually have all my works available in both formats (and maybe even make a few audiobooks). Also, at over 160 pages, this is by far the longest ebook I have released.

As with all of Arigatai Book’s ebooks, this book is available on all Amazon regions worldwide.

Here’s the full list of the stories contained in this book, along with their original Japanese titles and date of first publishing. For those studying Japanese, you can find all of Unno Juza’s stories available here (including all the below stories).

  • Four-Dimensional Man (第四次元の男, 1940)
  • The World in One Thousand Years (千年後の世界, 1976)
  • The Theory of Planetary Colonization (遊星植民説, 1990)
  • Mysterious Spatial Rift (不思議なる空間断層, 1935)
  • The Living Intestine (生きている腸, 1976)
  • The Last Broadcast (放送された遺言, 1927)
  • Adventures of the Dinosaur-Craft (恐龍艇の冒険, 1948)
  • Crematoria (火葬国風景, 1935)
  • Eighteen O’Clock Music Bath (十八時の音楽浴, 1937)

I’m hoping to publish more of this author’s stories in the future. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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