”Sluggish Symbol, Inane Illusion” (緩慢な表象と虚ろな幻想): PDF of full novel

By | October 29, 2016

Recently, one of my readers (swhp), offered to make a PDF file of a Japanese novel I had translated in full: ”Sluggish Symbol, Inane Illusion”

You can download the PDF at the below link.


In case I plan to come back and edit anything, please just link to this page instead of linking the PDF directly or uploading it to other sites.

It really made me happy that someone enjoyed this novel enough to want to make a PDF of it for their personal collection.

By the way, this is not the authoritative translation I discussed about making in these translators notes. Rather, it just a PDF version of the story as posted in several articles on this blog. But I still may create that someday.

In case you haven’t read this story yet, this is a good opportunity to experience it in an easy-to-read form. You can see the synopsis below for reference:


In the distant, but not too distant future, the profession of book author has disappeared. Every member of society is legally obligated to publish one book during their lifetime, but a second work is prohibited. Every book for sale in a bookstore is someone’s one and only published work. 

This is the story of a boy who keeps his words close to his heart and a girl who is in love with the art of storytelling.

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