Mini Japanese Quiz: Particles で vs に

By | February 23, 2015

I got feedback from one of my readers that sometimes differentiating between で and に can be difficult, so I made a mini 8-question quiz to test everyone’s knowledge in this area.

You can take it here:

If you’d like to review before the test, you can see this post of mine which goes over the differences between the two:で-de-vs-に-ni/

My general philosophy on these quizzes is I will typically make 70-80% of the questions relatively simply and straightforward, with the remaining questions targeting tricky or special cases. So if you get roughly 80% on the test, you can consider your understanding reasonably good.

As with my first test, I plan on writing post(s) about any questions that are commonly missed, and if you write me a comment about one of the questions there is a good chance I’ll write a post about it.

For this test, in addition to giving the hiragana readings for all the Kanji used (so even those with little to no Kanji knowledge can use it), I’ve also given all the English definitions for those words.

I’m always open to hear topics you’d like to have tests made for, so please feel free to leave comments if you have some ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Mini Japanese Quiz: Particles で vs に

  1. 1994sunshine

    I liked the fact that the kanji had the pronunciation and English meaning. I use Rikai-chan so it’s not that big a deal when I come across kanji that I don’t know, but for people who don’t use it and didn’t know some of the kanji on the previous test I could see it being difficult. At any event, I think it was a good idea to add it in 🙂 It was an interesting test (again, I only got 50% :O ) Particles are my downfall…

    1. locksleyu Post author

      Thanks for the feedback! I’ll consider using the same format in the future, though I want to experiment with some different things.

      Particles are one of the easier things to write tests for (at least for me), so I’ll try to make another particle-focused test. If there are any specific ones you need help on, let me know.


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