Language on Track – A new tool to help with foreign language learning (call for alpha testers)

By | April 7, 2014

One day in the middle of January, I woke up in the morning with an idea in my head for a new way to learn foreign languages. In the next month and a half, I spent many late nights and weekends working on a prototype for the site, which is now ready for a limited alpha test.

The reason I am not opening this to the public at large is because much of the functionality is still in flux and at an experimental stage, and I want to test it with a small group of people and polish things before opening it up to a larger audience.

For those who are interested, you can visit the below link where you can apply to be a alpha tester.

You may have noticed I haven’t said a single thing about Japanese yet – a good portion of this site’s features will work with any language, though there is a handful of things that will only work with a limited subset of languages, and one particularly important feature that will only work with Japanese.

I’m specifically being vague about the site’s content, but I will say that one of the most important features is related to personal goals for language learning.

Anyone who is interested, please consider signing up. I haven’t determined the exact number of people to admit into the first round of testing, but those that don’t make the first list will be put into a pool for subsequent tests (beta, etc.).



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