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Ramen Ryoma: One of the top Ramen restaurants in Portland, Oregon

Last year, I had posted a review of Kukai (also called Kizuki) Ramen, mentioning it was one of the best places I had Ramen in the United States. While tastewise, I still hold to that judgement, putting all things into consideration, there is another serious contender for the Ramen throne. The restaurant is called “Ramen… Read More »

Yuzu kaiten-zushi restaurant in David, Florida – One of the best in south florida

I’ve lived in South Florida for quite some time, and I feel that the more time passes, the more disappointed I get with the general state of Japanese cuisine in this area. There are precious few restaurants that have high-quality Sushi, and some of the better places seem to have gone downhill in the last… Read More »

Nu Sushi in Coral Springs – one of the best Sushi shops around

Like many people, Sushi is one of those things that at first scared me, with concerns of food poisoning and such. But since it was an important part of Japanese culture I decided to try it anyway, and have been a huge fan since. Sushi is now available almost everywhere these days, from Chinese restaurants… Read More »