Japanese E-book release: “Classic Japanese Fairy Tales [Volume 6]” by Mimei Ogawa

By | April 4, 2022

With a lot going on, I haven’t been able to release any new books in the last few months, but I finally decided to set aside some time and make the sixth installment of my series of Japanese fairy tales, “Classic Japanese Fairy Tales”, which focuses on works by Mimei Ogawa, an author well known for his contribution to modern Japanese fairy tales. I went through many of his stories to find a few I felt were just right for this collection.

The highlight of this installment, the first 2022 release of Arigatai Books, is “The Reincarnation of a Sake Glass”, one of the longer stories written by Ogawa. It’s an intriguing tale about a special sake glass that spans several generations––a meditation on art, tradition, and serendipity infused with traditional Japanese culture. As with other books in this series, the stories are published in both English-only and parallel Japanese/English formats for those studying Japanese. I’ve also included some information about each work including the original date of publish and links to recommended Japanese audio narrations.

I’d like to give a great thank you to Kaimai Mizuhiro (開米瑞浩) for helping confirm some of the meanings of a few passages, and to Jim Miles (of Annotranslate) for help proofreading the stories.

The e-book is now available on Amazon for only $0.99, and you can get the whole set of six books for only $5.94, a whole lot of bilingual stories for a pretty low price. I’m planning on increasing the prices of at least one of the books in this series in the near future, so now might be a good time to pick them all up.

You can use this link to jump to the Amazon store in your region, or see the preview below. If you prefer audiobooks, there is also an English audio narration of the first book in this series.

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