Audio narration released for classic SF short story

By | January 15, 2020

Late last year my translation of classic Japanese SF author Unno Juza’s story “Mysterious Spacial Rift” (不思議なる空間断層) was made into an audio narration and broadcasted periodically on History Radio, an online radio station (details).

I’ve decided to release this narration to the public via Youtube. It is part of a channel titled “Asian literature in English translation”, maintained by Michael Wynn, editor of (The channel only has a few works now but I expect him to be adding more soon.)

While “Mysterious Spacial Rift” does have some SF elements, I would personally say it is more of a surreal piece, almost something like the classic Twilight Zone stories.

I wanted to thank Michael for spearheading this effort, and also to John Carrick for doing an excellent job narrating.

(For those of you studying Japanese, you can find the original text for this story here, and a great audio narration in Japanese here.)

If you enjoyed this story, you can find a few others in this book (where the work was first published).

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