Featured translation: “Edgelands” by Haruka Asahi (Part I a)

By | September 27, 2018

Yeti of Shosetsu Ninja, a blog that reviews Japanese books, has just released a translation of the first part of the fantasy story “Edgelands” (original title さいはての地), originally written by Haruka Asahi (朝陽遥). There is a synopsis of the story on his site, but it is about a boy who decides to travel across a sweltering wasteland to see what lies beyond.

In case you recognized the author’s name, I have actually translated another of her stories last year, “Rainlands”. (It happens to be one of my favorite translations, and you can see it full here.)

I had read Edgelands, which is set in the same world as Rainlands, and debated translating it for some time, but ended up not in favor of other projects. However, I was really happy to hear that Yeti was (coincidentally) interested in translating this story. As he had helped me out with a few projects I offered to help him do translation check and editing, and I think the result so far is really good.

You can find the first portion of the story here on Shosetsu Ninja.

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Edgelands (as well as Rainlands) is a unique story that combines elements of an adventure with a psychological suspense. I hope that you enjoy it!

(By the way, there are a few other stories set in the same universe. If you would like to see more, let us know and we may eventually translate another story.)

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