“I am” (A linguistic essay)

By | February 14, 2017

I am formidable.
Perhaps one of the toughest of my kind.
Expect years, a decade, or longer.
Come, live in my land, and you may learn my ways.
But there are no guarantees.

I am kind.
Less sound, less tense.
Less picky about pitch than some others.
Just watch for tiny, flying particles.

I am characters.
Thousands, nearly uncountable.
Pictographic, enigmatic.
Alphabets? I got a few, including this one.

I am history.
Relive centuries through me.
But beware–
I am not the same as I once was.

I am expression.
Be a woman, man, boy, or girl.
Be rude, be polite.
Be casual, be formal.
Be yourself.

I am flexible.
Shave the unneeded–
Subject, object, verb.
Tone can speak louder than words.

I am your doorway to culture.
Maid cafes, walking bots.
Space probes, cool cartoons.
Plumber and the princess.
The choice is yours.

I require effort.
I’ll return what you give, manyfold.
If you become weary, rest as long as you wish.
But I will always be waiting.

I am changing.
Words die, are born.
In the end, the young will have their way.
But please never forget the past.

I am a language, in wait of you.
Just be prepared–
To persevere, or quit.
Those who stay the course will be rewarded abundantly.

I am Japanese.

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