Japanese web novel translation: “Japan: A New Age” by Tasogarenin (黄昏人) [Chapter 3: Government Negotiations]

By | December 5, 2016

This is the 3rd chapter of a Japanese Science Fiction web novel I am translating about a genius boy who develops amazing technology that changes Japan’s society drastically, eventually resulting in the colonization of outer space.

You can find the original text for this chapter here.

You can see the table of contents for the translated chapters here which includes a synopsis.

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16 thoughts on “Japanese web novel translation: “Japan: A New Age” by Tasogarenin (黄昏人) [Chapter 3: Government Negotiations]

  1. marco

    Can you post the next chapters like you did in chapter 1, so in text form?

    Thanks for the chapter:)

    1. locksleyu Post author

      I have discovered a site that stole my content and did not quote the author or translator. I emailed that site, and no response.
      So at least for Ch.3 I will be using PDF. Sorry for the inconvenience.

        1. marco

          Oh ok thanks:) how often will you post a chapter and how many chapter does this novel have?

          1. locksleyu Post author

            This novel has 52 chapters. At present I am aiming for a rate of one chapter a week, but that may slow down or speed up.

            I may write articles about the translation of this series on my blog (which wouldn’t be picked up by novelupdates or similar sites), so if you are interested I would recommending following my blog.

    2. locksleyu Post author

      In chapter 4 I returned to text form, but unfortunately a certain website is stealing my content again.

      So I will have to stop using text, unfortunately. Sorry.

  2. Nijima

    Thanks for the chapter! Sorry for not liking the post since I don’t have a WordPress account 🙁

      1. Nijima

        It was really well written (translated?). I didn’t find any mistakes either (not that I’m that knowledgeable)

  3. NovaShadow

    Thanks for the chapter. Looking forward to this series. It looks its got a lot of potential.

  4. Janperson

    please consider keeping the metric system in your translation, i have a hard time imagining when you use imperial system to describe junpei height.
    also since this novel will likely use a lot of science jargon and stuff its good to metric system since it’s what scientific world agreed upon.

  5. DiabolicalGenius

    Interesting work, thanks for translating it.
    Though I have to wonder how much detail the author is planning to go into on the research and development of the technology. I’m hoping that once what is going to happen is established he’ll jump ahead to either the completion of the project or to any problems it encounters. Otherwise we could be reading for a loooooong time before they see space.

    1. locksleyu Post author

      Thanks for the comment. I understand where you are coming from, and while I haven’t read the entire story yet, I have looked at the table of contents (in Japanese) that give some indication when certain turning points happen.

      I’d rather not give anything away in a public forum like this, however so people can enjoy the ride.

      I’ll just say that the detailed attention to science, government, and societal aspects is one of the unique things about this story to me, and at this point as a reader I am still enjoying it.

      If you want to get a heads up on what is coming, you can email me.

  6. Shasu

    Thanks for your translation. 🙂

    This science-based science fiction type is really down my lane, especially as the author doesn’t just skim over the technical stuff but gets into the details.

    I like your idea with the PDFs. I suffer the same issues with translation theft as you, thus I will likely try to use your method and see how it works out to hinder it.

    One last thing: With 52 chapters this is a rather long series already and it’s not like the author stopped writing yet, I guess? Could it be possible for you to add some navigation to the bottom for easier going back and forth in chapters? Only thing you would need to change would be to post the chapters themselves in pages instead of posts, but it would make reading it all in one go a bit easier. Especially for readers that join in later once you have more chapters translated. 🙂


    1. locksleyu Post author

      Hey Shasu, thanks for the comment! I had a few things to say but I’d prefer to use email. Can you email me at selftaughtjapanese (at) gmail.com, or give me your email address?


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