Quick manga review: サイケまたしても (Psyche Once Again, “saike mata shite mo”) by Tsubasa Fukuchi

By | July 25, 2016

This manga was recommended by someone, so I decided to read through the first volume.

At first, the plot seemed strongly reminiscent of a certain early 90s movie about a unique type of “time travel”, however as you read into the 2nd and 3rd parts you start to see there is much more depth to it. The ending of the first volume was quite satisfying, and well worth the read.

The Japanese isn’t that difficult, and all of the kanji has Furigana reading hints which reduce the amount of lookups required for those who don’t know too much kanji yet.

I think this has been licensed for English, but a quick search didn’t show up if the English version is actually available.

I’m rushing this review since you can read the first volume for free on Ebookjapan (it’s normally 400 yen) until tomorrow (7/26)

Check it out here.

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