Japanese vocabulary list: airplane related terms

By | May 28, 2016

I’ve created a vocabulary list of Japanese words related to airplanes and air travel in general. This is one area I’ve found I have some weaknesses in, and I thought if I was going to review these words myself I might has well write it up for others to learn from.

  • 飛行機 (hikouki): airplane
  • 空港 (kuukou): airport
  • 便 (bin): flight
  • 直行便 (chokkoubin): direct flight
  • 乗り換え (norikae): transfer (flight)   [also 乗り換える as a verb]
  • 機内 (kinai): inside/onboard the plane
  • 機内食 (kinaishoku): onboard meal/food
  • 到着 (touchaku): arrive
  • 出発 (shuppatsu): depart
  • 搭乗 (toujou): to embark/board a plane (warning: do not confuse with 登場 which is used for characters of plays, books, etc.)
  • 搭乗口 (toutou guchi): gate (to board a plane)
  • 搭乗券 (toujouken): boarding pass
  • 航空会社 (koukuu gaisha): airline company
  • 航空券 (koukuuken): airplane ticket
  • 手続き (tetsuzuki): process
  • 荷物 (nimotsu): baggage, luggage
  • 手荷物 (tenimotsu): baggage, luggage
  • 持ち込む (mochikomu): to take something (onboard a plane, etc.)
  • 離陸する (ririku suru): to take off
  • 着陸 する(chakuriku suru): to land
  • 検査 (kensa): examination (of luggage etc)
  • 保安検査場 (hoan kensaba): security checkpoint
  • 乗る (noru): to board/fly (an airplane, etc.)
  • 国内 (kokunai): domestic (in the same country)
  • 国内線 (kokunaisen): domestic route / airline
  • 国外 (kokugai): international (going to another country)
  • 国外線 (kokugaisen): international route / airline
  • ターミナル (taaminaru): terminal
  • 係員 (kakari`in): attendant (a person behind a counter at the airport, etc.)
  • 案内 (an`nai): information/guide (ex: 案内図: guide map)
  • 座席 (zaseki): seat (on an airplane, etc)
  • 時刻 (jikoku): time (arrival time, etc.)
  • チェックイン (chekkuin): check in   [also 登場手続き (toujou tezutsuki)]
  • 預ける (azukeru): to leave/entrust something with someone (ex: leave luggage with someone at an airline counter)
  • 入国 (nyuukoku): entering a country
  • 出国 (shukkoku): leaving a counry
  • 審査 (shinsa): examination (like when entering a country)
  • パスポート (pasupooto): passport  [also 旅行券 (ryokouken)]
  • 目的地 (mokutekichi): place where you are going (目的 = “objective”)
  • 現在地 (genzaichi): place where you currently are
  • 乗客 (joukyaku): passenger
  • 旅客 (ryokaku): traveller, passenger (or a plane)
  • 旅客機 (ryokakuki): passenger plane
  • 運航 (unkou): aviation
  • スチュワーデス: stewardess (female flight attendant)
  • スチュワード: steward (male flight attendant)
  • 客室乗務員 (kyakushitsu joumuin): flight attendant
  • キャビンクルー: cabin crew  [same as 客室乗務員]
  • フライトアテンダント: flight attendant [same as 客室乗務員]
  • 税関 (zeikan): customs
  • 免税 (menzei): duty-free
  • 免税店 (menzeiten): store that sells duty-free items






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      Can you clarify what you are asking for? Do you mean words in Japanese used for describing airfare (the cost of a plane ticket)?


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