Japanese vocabulary list: Words used in Twitter

By | January 15, 2016

Some tim ago I had suggested changing your Twitter settings to use Japanese language as one more way to immerse yourself in Japanese on a daily basis. This helps you learn to not only recognize these words, but do it very quickly and eventually reach close to native-level speed.

  • フォロー (foroo) – follow (can be used as a verb with ~suru)
  • 通知 (tsuuchi) – notification
  • ツイート (tsuiito) – Tweet
  • 検索 (kensaku) – search
  • ホーム (hoomu) – home
  • メッセージ (messeeji) – message
  • 更新 (koushin) – update
  • 変更 (henkou) – change (settings, etc.)
  • 返信 (henshin) – respond (to a tweet, etc.)
  • 翻訳 (hon’yaku) – translation
  • 表示 (hyouji) – display (usually as a verb with ~suru)
  • トレンド (torendo) – trends
  • つぶやく (tsubuyaku) – originally “to mutter, to murmur”, but used by Twitter community to refer to tweeing
  • 共有 (kyouyuu) – share (via message, etc.)
  • 埋め込む (umekomu) – embed (in a web site, etc.)
  • 報告 (houkoku) – report (something broken or inappropriate, etc.)
  • 概要 (gaiyou) – summary
  • いまどうしてる? (ima doushiteru?) – phrase to ask your current status (“What/how are you doing now?”)
  • 登録 (touroku) – register with site for the first time
  • 設定 (settei) – settings
  • 編集 (henshuu) – edit (profile, etc.)
  • 情報 (jouhou) – information
  • 歴史 (rekishi) – history
  • 言語 (gengo) – language

I’ve omitted a few loanwords like ヘルプ (help) which are pretty easy to decipher since they are so close to English (assuming you know Katakana). Twitter’s interface is pretty slim, so just knowing the above words you can probably get by doing basic stuff.

If you want to change your language to Japanese, go to Account->User Information and change language (言語設定) to Japanese (日本語).

You can follow me on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/selftaughtjapan



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  1. Linda

    Thank you for this vocabulary list! I’ve been thinking of doing this, this list will definitely help.


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