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Japanese phrase 〜として (~toshite) [including としても and としては]

In this post I’d like to go over the meaning and uses of the Japanese phrase “として”. Although it mean seem like this is the combination of the particles ”と” and “して”, the meaning of “として” isn’t the same as simply combining the meaning of these two. So I suggest you think of this a complete… Read More »

Blogging nearly two years on WordPress: Thoughts and Conclusions

In around two months it will be my two year anniversary of joining WordPress, and I’ve maintained five different blogs with various posting frequencies. I feel that after this time, part of me finally understands what WordPress is really about, and what it isn’t about. So I’d like to take a break from the usual Japanese… Read More »

A few interesting Japanese expressions about food

It’s pretty well known that the Japanese are very particular about food, which reflects on everything from cleanliness in restaurants, the difficult training required to become a chef in a restaurant, and of course the taste itself of the food. After all, the fifth basic taste, umami or savory, was discovered partially with the help of… Read More »

All about Japanese 後 (“ato, “go”, “kou”): “after”

This time I’m going to talk about the Japanese word 後 (“あと”), as well as compounds which contain 後, where it can be pronounced “あと”, “ご”, or “こう”. I’ll start off with a useful phrase – “後で”. This matches pretty closely to English’s “later” and refers to the future in a vague sense. 後でブログを読んでね。 Check out… Read More »

Going cuckoo with Japanese “ku ku”

When you switch to another language and culture, there are many different things you have to get used to: pronunciation, written script, and customs, among others. But math is one thing that you normally would expect things to be mostly the same, since after all numbers are generally universal, including notation for equations and such.… Read More »