Science: Hopes & Fears (Volume 2): Eighteen O’Clock Music Bath

(Update: I have since republished these stories in a larger compilation that you can find here, which is available in both paper and ebook format. I have changed the links in the article below to the original short e-book to point to this newer book.)

This page contains information for the book Science: Hopes & Fears (Volume 2: Eighteen O’Clock Music Bath), written by Juza Unno (海野十三).

You can find the original Japanese text on Aozora Bunko here. You can find an ebook of the work here.

You can see a wikipedia page on this story here (in Japanese).

While this is the first published translation of this story, it has been referred to by a few other titles in other books and online:

  • The Music Bath at 1800 Hours
  • The Music Bath at 18 O’Clock
  • Soaking in Music at 1800 Hours

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