Basic Particle Quiz

By | January 22, 2019

This quiz tests your knowledge of the most fundamental Japanese particles: で、に、を、は and が.

In all questions, please choose the particle that best fits the sentence. (In some cases, more than one may be grammatically correct)

If there are unfamiliar characters in a question you may hover over the "Hint" link below that question to see romaji for the question revealed.

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1. What is the past form ("ta" form) of 食べる?
2. 僕はりんご___食べたいです。
3. 彼からプレゼント___もらいました。
4. ジョンさん___大好きです。
5. リスが木___登っていった。
6. 弟は一人いるんだけど、妹___いない。
7. ニューヨークに電車___行ったら早いです。
8. テーブルに鉛筆___置いてある。
9. 僕は日本語___難しいって言ったでしょう。
10. 明日、テスト___あります。
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7 thoughts on “Basic Particle Quiz

  1. MrPikalu

    Wow. This is amazing! Thank you so much for doing these quiz series!! I’m trying to be more proactive in my study and this would help spice things up a bit LOL! Thanks again

    1. locksleyu Post author

      Nice job! If it makes you feel (even) better you are significantly above the average (:

    1. locksleyu Post author

      Apologies for that. I just tried it and it worked for me. Can you please tell me what browser/device you are using and could you try it on another browser? I was using Safari on a Mac.

      By the way, I recently published a book about particle quizzes with detailed explanations that you may be interested in:


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