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Japanese vocabulary list: Words used in Twitter

Some tim ago I had suggested changing your Twitter settings to use Japanese language as one more way to immerse yourself in Japanese on a daily basis. This helps you learn to not only recognize these words, but do it very quickly and eventually reach close to native-level speed. フォロー (foroo) – follow (can be used… Read More »

Quick translation test: Twitter’s translate feature

One of my interests is following the progression of automated translation technologies, and I’ve blogged on this subject before. Recently I started getting into Twitter and realized they have an automated translation feature. I’m not sure what engine is used but I decided to do a quick test and translate one of my posts (Update: it… Read More »

Self Taught Japanese now on twitter!

I have been thinking about it for some time now, but I finally decided to create a twitter account (@selftaughtjapan) to go along with this blog. I wanted to use @selftaughtjapanese but that name was too many characters long ): To be honest, I haven’t really used twitter much, especially in terms of writing tweets,… Read More »