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Difficulties with publishing a translation of a public domain work on Draft2Digital (and a solution)

Recently in the process of trying to publish my first book across multiple internet bookstores via Draft2Digital I ran into some trouble, and as a result ended up publishing directly via Amazon’s KDP (see here for more details). Things did get resolved with D2D so I wanted to provide an update for anyone who might… Read More »

Juza Unno: Classic Japanese SF author published in English for the first time (reprise)

In late October, I announced I was working on a new translation project–after around two years of listing translations on my blog, for the first time I was aiming to publish a translation in a more formal media than a blog. A few months have passed (around three since I first had the idea for… Read More »

Taking translation to the next level: Getting Published

For nearly two years I’ve been involved in a series of hobby translation projects, which I’d estimate to be at least 50 chapters and several hundreds of pages. My purpose for these was to improve my Japanese translation abilities on a variety of authors and genres, and I have been very satisfied with what I’ve… Read More »

Japanese novel translation: “Cube City” (立方体都市) by Ikkai Inubousaki (犬吠埼一介): Chapter 1, Part 2

This is the second half of the first chapter of the novel titled “Cube City” (立方体都市), which was originally written in Japanese by Ikkai Inubousaki (犬吠埼一介). I’ve gotten the author’s permission to translate it into English and put it on my blog. You can see the original Japanese text for Chapter 1 here. You can see my translation… Read More »

Japanese novel translation: “The Rainlands” by Haruka Asahi [Translator’s Afterward]

While I have translated many chapters from a variety of works, its pretty rare that I translate a series to the end. This can be due to its length, a lack of reader interest, or I may have just intended to do a single chapter as an experiment. The fantasy story  “The Rainlands” (雨の国) by… Read More »

Japanese novel translation: “The Rainlands” by Haruka Asahi [Chapter 10]

This is the 10th and final chapter of the fantasy novel “The Rainlands” (雨の国) by Haruka Asahi (朝陽遥) which I am translating from Japanese with the author’s permission. It is about a man’s journey to a mysterious land where he has a ideological conflict with the indigenous customs there. You can see a synopsis and table… Read More »

How to ask an author (in Japanese) for translation permission

These days I’ve been pretty active translating a variety of Japanese novels (in part or in full) to English and posting them on my blog. Whether the original work is published online somewhere or with paper media, I highly recommend getting the author and (if applicable) publisher’s permission before you post anything translated online, even… Read More »

Japanese novel translation: “Cube City” (立方体都市) by Ikkai Inubousaki (犬吠埼一介): Chapter 1, Part 1

I’ve discovered another interesting Japanese novel published online on Kakuyomu so I contacted the author, and he was kind enough to give me permission to translate it and post the result on my blog. The novel is titled “Cube City” (立方体都市) and written by Ikkai Inubousaki (犬吠埼一介). The novel is broken up into a few chapters, and… Read More »