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Free E-book of dark fiction (Toyoshima Yoshio)

In celebration of International Translation Day today, I’ve decided to make my E-book “Tales of the Disturbed”, a set of dark, introspective short stories by Toyoshima Yoshio  (豊島 与志雄)free for the next day (meaning roughly for the next 24 hours). You can find the book here on Amazon. The book’s release article is here. Update:… Read More »

Classical Japanese poetry translation: “The Hollow City” (虚しい街) by Yoshinobu Morikawa (森川義信)

Yoshinobu Morikawa was a Japanese poet who lived from 1918 to 1942 and left behind various poems, some with dark or mysterious themes. He was said to be influenced by famous poet T. S. Eliot, author of The Wasteland. This post contains my full English translation of Morikawa’s poem “The Hollow City” (虚しい街), first published… Read More »

Japanese literature review: “The Legend of Fukiage: Book 1″ (吹上奇譚 第一話) by Banana Yoshimoto (吉本バナナ)

Banana Yoshimoto is one of the most well-known Japanese authors in the Western world, with over 10 novels translated into English. Because I generally try to read, review, and translate authors which are not yet very well known in the West, it might seem odd that I choose to read and review one of her… Read More »