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A pair of terribly useful Japanese verbs: 出す (dasu) and 出る (deru)

Verbs are an extremely important part of the Japanese language. One reason for that is the large variety of verbs available in Japanese, some which don’t seem to have direct equivalents in other languages (or at least not in English). But I think it’s also because Japanese tends to omit words deemed unnecessary based on… Read More »

TransLiterary Lab (#7): live analysis and translation of Japanese literary excerpts

I’m running a YouTube series called “TransLiterary Lab” (文学翻訳ラボ) where I do analysis and translation of short excerpts of Japanese literature. You can see more information about this series in this post. In this seventh episode I analyze and translate a small portion of 檸檬 (“Lemon”) from 梶井基次郎 (Motojiro Kajii), for which you can the… Read More »