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Japanese Literature Review: “Twins Teleport Tale” (フーガはユーガ) by Kotaro Isaka (伊坂幸太郎)

After a few months focusing on a classical Japanese translation project without much time spent on reading modern Japanese, I was eager to get started on “Twins Teleport Tale” by Kotaro Isaka, which I had picked up in my local Kinokuniya store late last year on a sale. My reasons for purchasing this book were… Read More »

TransLiterary Lab (#7): live analysis and translation of Japanese literary excerpts

I’m running a YouTube series called “TransLiterary Lab” (文学翻訳ラボ) where I do analysis and translation of short excerpts of Japanese literature. You can see more information about this series in this post. In this seventh episode I analyze and translate a small portion of 檸檬 (“Lemon”) from 梶井基次郎 (Motojiro Kajii), for which you can the… Read More »