Japanese Read & Answer: #1 [Level 1]

By | November 8, 2015

As I recently posted about, I’m starting a new series where I give a dialog in Japanese followed by one or more questions to test your understanding. This is the first post of that series, and is Level 1, which is the easiest level and targets those who have only studied Japanese a few months to a year or so.

Since I’ve given a list of all Kanji and their readings used (below the answer choices), you only need to be able to read hiragana and katakana for this exercise.




Who likes sweet things?


a) お父さん

b) 妹

b) お母さん

d) 猫

Kanji readings and meanings

お父さん:おとうさん (father)

お母さん:おかあさん (mother)

好き:すき (like)

大好き:だいすき (like very much)

野菜:やさい (vegetables)

嫌い:きらい (dislike)

妹:いもうと (little sister)

甘い:あまい (sweet)



Correct answer

b) 妹 (imouto = younger sister)


The last sentence says “妹は甘いものが大好きです” which means “My younger sister likes sweet things very much”.

By the way, the word 甘党 (amatou) means “tweet tooth”, or someone who likes sweet things.


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